… hitting the reset button.

I started this decade unemployed, adrift, and with a commitment to become a blogger. I started several blogs and posted a bunch of stuff.

The next year, I went back to school to become a teacher, and let those blogs fade away. I thought about them a few times, but less frequently as time passed.

As a math teacher, I did blog on math from time to time. As a writer, I did post new poems and fragments from time to time. I wasn’t very consistent.

The last few years, I’ve been writing consistently for The Good Men Project, nearly every week. As I near my 150th article, I’m looking to become more regular in my other blogging as well.

I’ve organized things into four blogs:

  1. My articles for The Good Men Project.
  2. Mathematics thoughts.
  3. Creative writing (poems and fragments).
  4. Everything else, which is this blog.

I also collected up the entries, for better or worse, from the blogs from 2010 and 2011.

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