Being this man (introduction)

This was the only post of a blog called “Being This Man”

There are many articles on how to be a man, what a “real” man is like, and similar topics. These articles are generally reductionist and sexist. I chose the title of this blog because, while I intend on discussing issues of manhood in USian society, I want to strive to avoid the implication that what’s true for me, a male, is true for all males. I strive to speak only for myself.

I am a pragmatic egalitarian. I believe that, anatomy aside, men and women are not innately bound to any specific roles or requirements. However, because we are raised differently, and because gender identity is so central to the way in which we perceive ourselves, we face different obstacles. The end is the same, but men and women have different starting places and, hence, different routes there.

I have a young son. I would like him to grow up with more balanced perspectives than I had, just as I grew up with more balanced perspectives than my own father. This is part of the impetus for me setting these thoughts down, so he and other boys of his generation can learn from my experiences, if they choose to do so.

I am not perfect. While I strive towards certain values and expectations in this blog, I may stray. I hope my readers will keep me honest. I ask that people express themselves with dignity and civility at all times, and I will strive to do the same. Also, I welcome people to offer their own topics or offer links of possible interest, via comments or private email.

Welcome to my thoughts.

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