On “transgendered” (offensive word)

I was watching a Jammidodger video this morning and had a realization that another* problem with the term “transgendered men” (and “… women”) is that it allows for two interpretations.

If you believe that transgender men are men, then what does it mean to have been “transgendered”? It would presumably mean that, while you have always been a man, society assigned you to be a woman and therefore socialized you incorrectly, causing your dysphoria. This interpretation is consistent with the comments of many transgender people and isn’t particularly problematic.

If you believe that transgender men are women and transgender women are men, though, then a “transgendered man” is a transgender woman, i.e., you believe they’re a man who has fallen prey to the transgender brainwashing. Clearly a problematic view.

I noticed this because Jammidodger was responding to an item where a transphobe was using the term “transgendered men” when they were clearly referring to transgender women (roughly, “transgendered men can’t have babies”). And I’ve noticed, overall, that many people have trouble keeping the terms clear.

* The common argument against “transgendered” as opposed to “transgender” is that it grammatically indicates a change of state, while “transgender” doesn’t. A transgender person is a person who is transgender, with no implication about innateness; a transgendered person is a person who have become transgender, as a change of state.

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