On Demi Lovato, Cancel Culture, and Fact Checking

So someone asked why Demi Lovato is so controversial and… I can’t tell. I feel like people take every little thing they say and twist it way out of proportion.

They accepted a free trip to Israel and were excited about getting baptized in the River Jordan. This becomes: “Demi Lovato is a Zionist!”

They took a DNA test and were surprised to learn they’re 1% African (assuming those tests are accurate, which they really aren’t). This becomes: “Demi Lovato is claiming they’re part Black!”

They tweeted that it’s okay for people to misgender them, personally, so long as people are trying and it’s not malicious. This becomes: “Demi Lovato is saying it’s okay to misgender trans people!”

In an interview, they said they might identify as transgender one day. This just led to all sorts of madness, when it’s clear to me from the interview that they’re still new to the language and they meant they might identify as a trans man one day.

And all of this is just because someone asked why Lovato is so controversial in a trans group, and people offered suggestions (not necessarily things they personally believed or supported).

When I see this, and I know that they’re not the only celebrity being subjected to this absolute nonsense, I can see why the people with the podiums, i.e., the celebrities, feel so put upon by “cancel culture”. Each of the examples above might have only two or three people really floating them, but they get inertia and then people don’t even bother to research, they just offer them as fact.

It’s exhausting. When you hear or read something that seems unbelievable about a celebrity, at least research it before passing it along. I’ve passed along nonsense myself, but I’m trying hard to catch myself. Some celebrities really do believe some inane things (Mayim Bialik’s view on vaccinations is not as toxic as often presented, but it’s also fairly arrogant and reckless, for instance, and her PR evolution smacks of a high degree of damage control and subterfuge). But a LOT of stuff is taken out of context in order to make celebrities look bad.

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