April is Poetry Month.

Last year, I was originally intending to write a poem every day. On the first day, though, I had this “flash fiction” story I wanted to get out of my system. One month and 50,000+ words later, I had yet another November Novel that I was going to be committed to editing and publishing and which… yeah, no, nothing came of it.

Anyway, I’m feeling creatively stagnant and have been for a few months now. I feel like any voice I have is pointless, like writing is just a waste of time. It’s a TikTok world now, and I’m too self-conscious to make a video. (I have a handful somewhere on YouTube, getting mildewy, mostly just my voice.)

So I don’t know. A crappy poem a day? That would certainly be the easiest to accomplish. Sometimes I could couple it with a crappy picture!

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