Dream: The other half of the house

Here is a dream.

I had noticed that we were missing one of the steps going to the basement, but we’d learned to just hop over the gap. I finally decided to fix the stair.

I hopped down into the gap, picking up the step that had fallen down underneath the stairway. I looked at what should have been the brick wall behind the stairs, but there was a doorway there. I went through, confused.

I found myself in a college building. There were people there who seemed to know me, but in a casual way that they knew what I looked like and seen me before but didn’t know my name. And I felt the same about them.

I left the building and wandered the campus a little bit. It was a small campus, only a few buildings joined by series of sidewalks. The weather was nice. The hills were subtle. There was a valley where students were relaxing and studying.

I went back to the original building and made my way back into my house, marveling that all of that was hidden just out of reach.

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