the man in the mirror isn’t one

“freak” is a brick
thrown through a window

i can see it coming:
chest expanded, eyes red,
primate teeth bared

it has been pulled
from the foundation
of the house i would not live in

it was crafted
from the stones
of the land i have disavowed

ground up and box shaped
and the color of blood

i can see it coming,
but how do i duck away from a word?

it hurtles toward me
laden heavy with its virulence
a swirling vortex of
how dare you

how dare you enter my reality
how dare you violate my rules
how dare you force me to acknowledge
that i don’t have to be
the only way i know how to be

how dare you

and though i know he’s throwing the brick
at himself
i’m the one it hits
and i’m the one who bleeds

“freak” is a brick
thrown through a mirror
and doesn’t care who’s on the other side

— Clio 04.02.21

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