symbiotic haze

was it you who dreamed of me this time?
we were trapped in a symbiotic haze
our semiotic ways stretched out
like fingertips
to fill the gap between us

was it you, indeed?
because i remember the details
of our shared moments so clearly:
i want to own these moments,
to coddle them, to watch them grow

did it help you through the fitful night?
the roiling, the boiling, anxiety recoiling
the moments of panic and oppressive fear
scrabbling away like cockroaches
from the brightness of my light

it was you who dreamed of me this time,
and i came running
to soothe your ululating heart
to chase away the horrors of the dark
and fend the demons from your hearth

it was you, indeed,
as we whirled within our symbiotic haze
the net between us reminding me
of the net beneath us
made from the wisps of what we are

12.17.20 Clio

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