Sea (memoryland trilogy #3)

the sea is my safety
it is my flesh
it surrounds me
it becomes me
and i become it
i am made of the sea
it courses through my veins
and reminds me
of the time before
and informs me
of the time to come
and lets me be
in the now
as far as i can see
by the sea
there is nothing
but the sea
nothing but the sea
and me
i do not need to swim
i do not need to tread water
i can sink into the depths
and i will still be able
to breathe
because of the safety
of the sea
i become it
breathe in, breathe out
and it becomes me
my safety is the sea

— Clio 04.17.21

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  1. The memoryland trilogy is a set of poems written while listening to CFCF’s “memoryland”, tracks 2 to 10.

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