Poem for Somebody

I drew you a picture
in colored sand
and let the wind blow it away.

I hope it landed at your feet
and that you could still make out the traces
of what was meant to have been.

I sent you a message in puffs of smoke
that mingled with the clouds
that rained on your sunny weekend afternoon.

I hope you’ll forgive the intrusion,
my intentions were good,
and you might’ve gotten sunburned anyway.

I mixed the remnants
of the Easter egg dye
and froze it just for you.

I wrapped it in silk
and imagined a rainbow
pulled out of the brackish gray.

I sent you a gift by parcel post,
a brocade vest with fringe of goldenrod,
bound up in a jolly red bow.

And though I forgot to address it,
I know you’ll get it soon.

… but tell me if you don’t.

— ptkh 04.18.10

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