January 7

There was a little girl who thought she’d challenge the world to change, to become the way she wanted it to be. She had grown tired of the angry way it had decided to march onward, day after day, and decided that it needed to learn to walk backwards, or at least sideways. She told her mother of the plan, but her mother told her that she was daft and that she needed to learn to accept things the way they were. She told her father of the plan, but her father laughed and patted her on the head and suggested she go back to playing with her dolls. She told her brother of the plan, but he shouted at her to leave him alone and slammed his door in her face. She told her sister of the plan, but her sister was busy with nefarious plans of her own and didn’t have time for such nonsense. Only her grandmother bothered to listen with an open mind, and then smiled softly and nodded and told her that big challenges require big plans. And so the girl set out to plan, taking the largest sheet of paper she could find and the smallest pencil she could find so that she would have plenty of room to lay out everything she needed, and then she set out to work.

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